Market Information: 1 UTN = $0.003 (0.00000050BTC) | 24H change: 7.66% | ROI Since ICO: 0.27x | 24H Trading Volume: $39.149 | Market capitalization: $5.002.923 (market data is delayed 10 minutes)

Universa Wallet

At the moment, Universa Blockchain (mainnet) is not fully operational yet. During the TGE, an Ethereum “ERC20” token will be generated as a placeholder and distributed to participants, so that placeholder tokens can be traded on open exchanges before the UTN smart contract on Universa blockchain goes live. Participants can choose either to claim their placeholder tokens immediately via distribution to an Ethereum wallet, or to wait to claim their rewards until after the Universa platform is operational. Tokens will be generated and distributed on the main blockchain at the launch of the Universa Platform. 

Currently, this page contains information on how to store Universa Placeholder tokens (UTN-P). Once the UTN smart contract goes live, we will update this page with information on how to store Universa UTN tokens. 

Storing UTN-P Tokens

Many people buy Ethereum and Universa UTNP tokens on exchanges and store it there, but this is by far not the most reliable way to store crypto currency. Best practice is to transfer funds to your own Ethereum wallet, whether it’s a hardware wallet or an ordinary private key. Universa UTN-P tokens are compatible with every Ethereum wallet that supports custom ERC20 tokens, like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, MyCrypto and others. Please remember that wallets where the user doesn’t control the private keys (like Coinbase) are not supported, unless stated otherwise. On this page we will only discuss MyEtherWallet, as this is the most simple and convenient Ethereum wallet. 

How to create an Ethereum wallet:

MyEtherWallet is the most popular and trusted wallet. It draws attention to the fact that you can access it from any computer that has a web browser. To register your own wallet on MyEtherWallet, you will need to perform a few simple steps. The interface is localised in multiple languages including Dutch, Russian and Korean, so nothing should stop it. If you are new to MyEtherWallet, we suggest you to follow this guide as it covers all important steps. 

Sending UTN-P Tokens (via MyEtherWallet)

1. Open Verify that the site address is entered manually; and that Google Chrome (if used) shows the name of the SSL certificate “MYETHERWALLET LLC [US]“.

2. Make sure that the main network is indicated in the upper right corner: “ETH (MyEtherWallet)“.

3. Select Send Ether & Tokens from the menu. Log in the preferred way (using a key, MetaMask or hardware wallet).

4. In the lower right corner, the token balances are displayed. Perhaps you need to click Show All Tokens. If there is no UTNP, then click Add Custom Token, and enter the following values:
• Token Contract Address: 0x9e3319636e2126e3c0bc9e3134AEC5e1508A46c7
• Token Symbol: UTNP
• Decimals: 18

If everything is normal, then after that it will show a non-zero balance of the UTNP token on your private key (wallet).

5. To send some amount of UTN-P token to someone, fill in the following values in the menu (left / center):
• To Address: the address to which you want to send.
• Amount to Send: how much to send. In the drop-down list, select UTNP
• Gas Limit: reasonably large; for example, 50.000.

6. Go to and see the current gas price: SafeLow, Standard & Fast. Select the preferred speed and the corresponding gas price. At a minimum, it must be greater than SafeLow. A lot of users stick with the default gas price of 21 Gwei which should be sufficient in most cases.So, when you have chosen the desired gas price – return to MEW and in the upper right corner, in the Gas Price menu, specify it.

7. Generate Transaction, then Send Transaction.

8. A confirmation dialog appears. Recheck everything in it. Click “Yes, I am sure!” Make transaction.

9. (Optional) There will be a green pop-up indicating that the transaction has been sent. Click on one of the links that opens the description of this transaction at, wait for it to exit the pending status, and look at the status.

Universa HODL hardware wallet

Do you want to keep your funds offline in a secure cold-storage? Currently, Universa Blockchain team is working hard on releasing the first working prototype of its hardware wallet which showcases the design concept and its functionality. It provides BLE-pairing, generation and quick balance check of ERC-20 wallets. Universa HODL is currently available for pre-order at a pre-sale price of just $197.