Market Information: 1 UTN = $0.002 (0.00000021BTC) | 24H change: -6.86% | ROI Since ICO: 0.18x | 24H Trading Volume: $21.469 | Market capitalization: $3.272.636 (market data is delayed 10 minutes)

Universa Wallets

Universa distinguishes two tokens: UTNP and UTN. UTNP – is an ERC20 token in the Ethereum network (‘“P’” stands for ‘“Placeholder’”). UTN tokens are the actual Universa tokens registered in Universa MainNet. For more efficient interaction between Universa and existing platforms (e.g., cryptocurrency exchanges) and to ensure you can actually purchase tokens to pay network fees, UTNP was created in parallel, in the form of ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum network. Historically, the placeholder token (hence the name UTNP) was the earlier of the two tokens. Conversion between the two tokens is performed at 1:1 rate (but you still have to pay the network fees), and either can be used to pay Universa network fees (UTN can be used directly; UTNP has to be converted to UTN first).