Market Information: 1 UTN = $0.002 (0.00000021BTC) | 24H change: -6.86% | ROI Since ICO: 0.18x | 24H Trading Volume: $21.469 | Market capitalization: $3.272.636 (market data is delayed 10 minutes)

Build applications on the blockchain

Enhance the Universa Ecosystem by developing your own project on its powerful blockchain

Universa Protocol

Cheap transactions

The transaction fee for a simple smart contract execution on Universa Blockchain is only $0.01. You are right – you can transfer funds, issue new token or increase supply of a mintable token for only $0.01 paid in UTN. Contrary to other blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Waves, a sudden price rise of UTN will not make you pay more for your transactions.

Unique algorithm

Universa Blockchain uses a Proof-of-state (PoS) algorithm, with licensed nodes being rewarded for verifying transactions on the network. A change in state is approved by consensus in less than two seconds!


Smart contract system

The Universa smart contract is an executable script data, or a program code, which is stored in tree structures. It stores any information in the format of key and value, where each key is represented as a globally unique address, and a value can be represented by binary executable logic, dynamically executing scripts, references to other addresses, etc

Ease of use

With Universa, you can issue a smart contract with just a few mouse clicks. Within 30 seconds you are ready to go. Further integration is easy with Uniclient Scala and Java APIs and CLI available.

Develop for Universa mindmap

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Universa Services

Next to its powerful Blockchain platform, Universa provides a lot of related services to get you started faster.

Distributed Storage

Distributed storage is what it should be according to its name. Each Universa node keeps its copy of the information and receives payment for it. The client can query the network for the information in the distributed storage and receive its copy from any node. Read more

Decentralized Messenger

The built-in Messenger in Universa client allows you to establish conversations with other parties, and exchange contracts. It also makes it easier to assign contract roles to others as you receive their public keys upon establishing conversation (this includes sending tokens to each other). Read more

Launch your ICO quick & easy

With ICOBacker, it is easy for everyone to hold his ICO on Universa platform. Users can purchase tokens using BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. The platform has already been used for Smartgold, Universa and Unicorngo tokensales.

Universa Client

With more than 600.000 registered accounts, Universa Blockchain has one of the largest user bases. That is accomplished by providing an easy accessible network – there are no wallets like in traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but users can access the network by using a user friendly Universa Client.

Run your own Universa node.

Make Universa network more secure and get transaction fees for transactions on Universa network! Node owners receive 80% of all fees collected. To obtain a single node license, you must have and be ready to lock down 1 000 000 UTN/UTNP and meet the hardware requirements.

Universa Knowledge Base

Designing your smart contract, or even the system of interrelated smart contracts? Going to run a Universa node? Or planning to connect to Universa from your own code, and access its APIs? You can find all the necessary technical documentation in the knowledge base.