Market Information: 1 UTN = $0.002 (0.00000021BTC) | 24H change: -6.95% | ROI Since ICO: 0.18x | 24H Trading Volume: $21.469 | Market capitalization: $3.285.115 (market data is delayed 10 minutes)

Fast Transactions, Smart Contracts,
Fully Customizable Blockchain,
Tremendous Community

Universa in a nutshell

Smart & Secure

Universa provides a smart and secure Blockchain with multiple possibilities for businesses with real-time global payments, multisig, support for offline transactions and more.

Lightning fast

Universa Blockchain allows enormous potential for scalability with a performace of over 20.000 transactions per second. That is thousand times faster than Bitcoin! 


Extensive Ecosystem

Universa is more than just a Blockchain protocol! Universa provides the ecosystem with an ICO platform, Secure Messenger, CryptoCloud, Decentralized Fund, a Blockchain Academy and more.

Low Transaction Cost

Contrary to traditional blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Waves, Universa Blockchain has a fixed transaction price of 0.01$. 

Universa Foundation

The aim of Universa is to create a smart Blockchain for Business. The company currently focusses on developing and integrating the Universa Protocol and its technology across various businesses. In the coming months, Universa is also planning to launch a Blockchain academy and 

Universa Community

The idea of Universa Community and its website is to focus on the “traditional” crypto community with attention to technology, coin price, exchanges, stickers and even “when moon” discussions. We contribute to the ecosystem by connecting and supporting a vibrant community around Universa.